Talk to a Teacher
The best way to learn about a career? Talk to someone who's in it. Connect with a teacher and get your questions answered.
The best way to learn about a career? Talk to someone who's in it. Connect with a teacher and get your questions answered.

Time to Get Real

With Talk to a Teacher, the floor is open, no matter where you are in your thought process:

  • Will my personality fit in the classroom?
  • What impact will I have as a teacher?
  • How am I going to pay for teacher training?

It's a good thing to have questions. It's an even better thing to get them answered. Sign up to get advice straight from the source.

Choose Your Match

Talk to a Teacher guarantees that you talk to someone who understands you, your background and your goals. How?

  • Start by designating information like subject and state. 
  • Add a quick description of yourself.
  • Get matched with a current teacher who's a good fit.

Get your personalized tips and resources now. (Bonus: Like all products and services, this is totally free.)

Why Talk to a Teacher?
"No matter who I am speaking with, I believe that the caller and I have come out of Talk to a Teacher conversations wholeheartedly better every time."

Who Will I Talk To?

Get to know the teachers on the other end of the line.

Kate McDowell
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I decided to become a teacher to fight educational inequity in U.S. schools and improve opportunities for students. I started my career as a journalist reporting on education issues in South Carolina. That exposure to the reality of the achievement gap in the United States inspired me to apply for Teach For America so that I could have a direct impact on students in classrooms.


How do I connect with my teacher?

You can talk to a teacher via phone or video call—whichever option makes you feel more comfortable.

  • Format
  • Length
  • Scheduling
  • Preparation

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The path to teaching is one you craft yourself. When you engage in real-time conversations with professional educators, you get valuable input to complement your online research.

It all adds up to making a more-informed decision that’s right for you. Take the next step and connect now.


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