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Hear from Kate McDowell about her connection to many countries through her students and their unique experiences.

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Remembering the look on students' faces when they read a whole page of text on their own, are able to name all 26 letters of the alphabet without missing one, and seeing how proud they are: It helps you stay enthusiastic, excited and committed to the profession.


  • K - 12th Grade ELL Specialist and Program Coach


  • University of Missouri-Columbia


  • Instructional Coaching-English Learner Teaching Staff

Teacher Certification Program

Why I Teach

I decided to become a teacher to fight educational inequity in U.S. schools and improve opportunities for students. I started my career as a journalist reporting on education issues in South Carolina.

That exposure to the reality of the achievement gap in the United States inspired me to apply for Teach For America so that I could have a direct impact on students in classrooms. 

My favorite part about teaching is the opportunity to see the pride and confidence students build in themselves as they progress and learn. I especially love to watch students as they learn to read! The joy on their faces as they begin to understand books on their own is such an amazing experience—every year that I teach, I learn to appreciate it even more. 

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