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For School Employees

Do you work or volunteer in a Kansas City school? Turn your current job into a rewarding teaching career. Sign up to learn more!

For School Employees

Do you work or volunteer in a Kansas City school? Turn your current job into a rewarding teaching career. Sign up to learn more!

Calling all paraprofessionals, substitutes, support staff and volunteers!

We know you already have classroom experience and a commitment to education—that makes you uniquely qualified to become a teacher. 

TEACH Kansas City and our partner educator preparation programs offer support and resources to get you started on the path to earning your teacher certification.

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  • 2,000

    New teachers hired every year

  • $56,000

    Average teacher salary

  • 19

    Partner educator preparation providers

Here’s What it Takes

To become a teacher in Kansas City, you need at least one teacher certification endorsement. To get it, follow the steps below.
  1. Earn your degree.

    If you haven’t earned your bachelor’s degree, several programs allow you to earn it and your certification at the same time. If you’re thinking about a master’s degree or other post-baccalaureate program, we’ve got you covered there, too.

  2. Complete an educator preparation program.

    Decide the grades and subjects you want to teach and explore the prep programs offered by our 19 partner providers, including programs for working professionals and school employees.

  3. Pass state certification assessments.

    We’ve got a good intro to the different assessments you may need, along with resources for test preparation. Your program can guide you in deciding which tests you’ll need to take and when.

Paths to Teaching

You need a pathway to certification that works for your unique background and lifestyle. For many school employees and volunteers, that means finding programs that allow you to continue working (and won’t leave you in debt).

You don’t need to quit your job in order to earn your teacher certification.

Strategies to consider:

  • If you need to earn an undergraduate degree, some degree programs offer part-time options that allow you to keep your job. You may choose to earn your degree first, then enroll in an educator preparation program for school employees or one with a paid internship.
  • If you already have a degree, consider an alternate route to certification or a graduate program through one of our partners.
  • Earn While You Learn

  • Use Your Benefits

  • Consider an In-Demand Subject Area

Featured Programs

  • Kansas City Teacher Residency

    College grads can train with a mentor and participate in a residency through the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Talk to a TEACH Kansas City Coach

We get it—becoming a teacher is a big decision with many choices to make along the way. You don’t have to do it alone. A coach can walk you through program options, application steps, and answer any questions you have along the way.

If you’re not sure about your path quite yet, you can talk to a Kansas City teacher below to get advice, weigh career options and feel encouraged to make an informed choice.


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If you're ready to level up your career in education, coaches are ready with personalized advice and insights to help you along the way.

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