The Kansas City skyline.
Teachers Thrive in Kansas City
In Kansas City, teachers do not just make a livable salary, they have thriving, active lives. Ready to dig into the details about salaries and benefits?


Cost of living in Kansas City.

Kansas City is downright affordable. The cost of living is lower than the national average, which means teachers are more likely to buy and own homes here. Balance your career and lifestyle goals in KC.

Cost of living in Kansas City.

Benefits Galore

Outside of strong salaries, teachers receive robust benefit packages. Packages include retirement plans, vacation time, medical plans, dental plans and vision insurance. 

But those aren’t the only benefits to teaching: There are many opportunities to grow in your field. Interested in having a mentor? Leading professional development? Traveling in the summer to bring back strong practices? Sky’s the limit.

Did you know that most people underestimate how much teachers take home? Take our quiz to test your knowledge.

Learn about all of the ways you can grow and expand your horizons in Kansas City.

Teacher speaks with a student
Don't Believe It?
Ask a teacher in the field what it’s like to be an educator in Kansas City. It’s confidential, honest and free.


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