Kansas City Teacher Residency

The Kansas City Teacher Residency is a teacher preparation and development program that seeks to improve educational outcomes for students throughout Kansas City. To that end, we support individuals in developing mastery of teaching skills, obtaining certification, earning a master's degree and finding employment at a school site. 

Our program builds upon the medical residency model of practicing medicine under the tutelage of seasoned physicians by fusing ideologies of effective teaching with a year-long, in-school residency. During this year, residents practice and hone their leadership skills and knowledge under the wings of a mentor teacher in a high-need urban classroom.

Our targeted recruitment focuses on candidates that are committed to Kansas City as well as diversifying the educator pool through the addition of teachers of color and male teachers. We very carefully and purposefully match our residents and mentor teachers to ensure the best experience and education for all involved.

The residency is accompanied by a five-week Summer Institute as well as a rigorous curriculum as students earn their Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instructional Leadership from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Teacher residents also receive weekly coaching to further their leadership skills and have practice days with a gradual increase in classroom responsibilities.

  • Government/Nonprofit organization
  • Kansas City, MO
Kansas City Teacher Residency
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Teacher Preparation and Development Program
48 months
Program Duration
Program duration can vary based on the number of courses taken per semester, summer semester enrollment, as well as other factors
Program Format
Mar. 12, 2020
Application Deadline
Program Info

The Kansas City Teacher Residency is a teacher preparation and development program. We believe that the best way to improve educational equity throughout our city is to increase the number of excellent teachers in our schools. Using a nationally proven model that emphasizes mentorship, hands-on experience and intensive coaching, KCTR helps passionate individuals transform into incredible teachers that are changing the lives of students in Kansas City.

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Tuition & Fees
Cost Offsets
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Grants, Stipends, Scholarships

$8,000: TEACH Grant awards up to $8,000 for education costs if candidates meet the eligibility requirements.
$6,095: The Segal Education Award awards $6,095 for education costs if candidates meet the eligibility requirements.
$20,000 stipend: A living stipend is provided by KCTR during the residency year.

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Grade Level
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
Subject Area(s)
  • English/Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science

Program Semesters/Steps Overview

  • Year 1 (Teaching Resident)
  • Years 2-4 (Resident Graduate)

Program Hallmarks

  • Hands-On Experience
  • Preparation for Diverse Populations
  • Mentoring & Coaching
Total Enrollment
Program Completers
Acceptance Rate
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