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Scuola Vita Nuova Charter School

Hear from Rodney Padilla about how the strong leadership and family atmosphere of Scuola Vita Nuova helps students and teacher thrive—and have fun!

Meet Rodney Padilla

Teacher Ambassador

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Scuola Vita Nuova Charter School (SVN) is everything a school should aspire to be. The leadership of SVN provide sound guidance and support for their educators, create a positive culture for staff, students and parents, and put the interests of students above all else. The students and families of SVN are also amazing in every way. SVN is a family where all stakeholders feel valued, supported, and empowered.


  • K-8 English Language (EL) Teacher


  • University of Missouri-Kansas City


  • Lead English Language (EL) Teacher
  • New Teacher Mentor

Teacher Certification Program

Why I Teach

I am inspired each day by my enormous gratitude of being able to do something that I truly love: teaching. I teach because I can’t imagine spending the precious moments of my life doing anything else. As a teacher, I am blessed each day with the feeling that I can have a profound impact on a child’s life. The fact that I may hold a key that, on any day, will help nourish a child’s mind, empower a student’s self-worth or make a child feel cared for and loved are why I do what I do. Plus, teaching is just fun!

Scuola Vita Nuova by the numbers

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  • 279

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