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Liberty Public Schools

Hear from Eniola Ajayi about developing student mindsets about math—it's an art form!

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Meet Eniola Ajayi

Teacher Ambassador

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I chose to work in Liberty because of the people I get to work with. From my experience of teaching elementary to high school, I have encountered numerous colleagues who are truly invested in educating young minds. I have seen first-hand the passion that everyone has for the students, so we chose to move our family to Liberty to be part of the community that I work in. I wanted my own children to experience the quality educators and support staff that Liberty employs. I feel truly blessed to work with some great educators in Liberty.


  • 12th grade Math and PLTW Teacher


    • Baker University


    • Curriculum Council department leader
    • Society of Women Engineer advisor (SWENext)
    • Technology Student Association co-advisor

    Teacher Certification Program

      Why I Teach

      My students are my reason for teaching. They get me excited to go to work each and every day. They keep me on my toes with their day-to-day antics, and they fuel my passion to learn innovative ways to teach. As a mathematics teacher, I want my students to see math as an art form. This is a challenge, because more often than not, students come in with a mindset that math class is a class to endure, not enjoy. As a math teacher I want to change this mindset and find ways to make math accessible and appreciated by all students whether they want to pursue a career in mathematics or not. I want students to realize that math is not just formulas to memorize or algorithms that they need to know, but something that they use daily without even thinking about it. I want them to see points and lines that a ballerina forms when they dance, or see the parabola that is created when a football is thrown for a touchdown. I teach because I want students to know that math is so much more than just getting the right answer, math is about asking questions, getting messy, failing and getting up again, math is an art form to be appreciated. 

      By the Numbers

      • 12,500

        Dedicated Students

      • 980


      • 19

        Schools in District

      About Liberty

      • About

        Liberty Public Schools is in a rapidly growing community of approximately 55,000 people located in the northeast corner of the Kansas City metropolitan area. Our district crosses several different municipalities including its namesake community of Liberty, but also Kansas City, Glenaire, Pleasant Valley, and parts of Kearney. Liberty is best described as a friendly, welcoming place that offers a small-town feel and big city appeal. Liberty citizens place great value in a quality educational system and have a long history of support and pride for their local school district. For academics and extracurricular accomplishments, Liberty Public Schools ranks as one of the top school districts in Missouri. With an enrollment of just over 12,500 students, the construction of state-of-the-art facilities and the continued addition of quality staff members, Liberty Public Schools is poised to meet the educational demands of the future.

      • Teaching In Liberty Public Schools

        Education is more than just a job, it's a profession. Working in Liberty Public Schools means you are part of a professional community of people. Here learning from each other means learning from among the profession's best educational experts. Our professionals are highly sought after by school systems throughout the state and across the nation for contributions in the field of content scholarship, pedagogy, leadership, and learning technology. Being a part of this community of educational experts pushes us all to be better as we contribute positively to the betterment of others. Come discover the excitement of soaring high as we reach and teach all students in pursuit of their dreams!

      • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

        It's an exciting time to consider a career with Liberty Schools. This is your chance to be part of a dynamic, growing district, rich with opportunity. Not only do Liberty teachers enjoy a competitive salary schedule and a full range of benefits, they are proud to work in a school system known for excellence.

        In addition to innovative teacher development, Liberty Schools offers a competitive salary schedule and complete benefits package that includes the following for all full-time employees:

        • Fully Paid Individual Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
        • Life Insurance and Accidental Death Insurance
        • Short-Term Disability Insurance
        • Long-Term Disability Insurance
        • One of the Nation's Best Defined Benefit Retirement Systems
        • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
        • Holiday Pay
        • Accumulative Paid Sick Leave
        • A recognized high quality Teacher Mentor Program
        • District Fitness Centers
        • Athletic Conference Passes
        • Optional additional benefits such as Critical Illness & Identity Theft Protection
        • A gym membership reimbursement wellness program
        • Options for fully paid medical, dental, and vision health care
        • Flexible Spending Plan for Unreimbursed Medical and Dependent Care
        • Health Savings Accounts with Monthly Employer Contributions to the Employee
        • Dependent Life Insurance
        • 403(b) and 457(b) Retirement Options As Part of the CSD-Retirement Trust
      • Job Opportunities

        To learn more about our district click here

        Check out current openings with Liberty Public Schools here

      • For Students

        The district provides "grow your own" opportunities through an Educational Internship Program, and an educational "micro school" whereby high school students can earn dual credit toward their college degree while still a student. Additionally, the Board of Education funds $10,000 toward a degree in education for up to four students of color annually who choose education as a career field and return to teach in Liberty.

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