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Hear from Derrik Wiggins about how he coaches a robotics team, reaching students inside and outside the classroom.

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Meet Derrik Wiggins

Teacher Ambassador

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This is the picture of our first robotics team. It’s not about the things that they make; it’s about the education and experiences that they get. I want to make sure that I’m giving intentional education that ends up giving a voice to students.


  • 3rd Grade Math


  • Kansas State University


  • 2017 George Washington Carver Dual Language School Teacher of the Year
  • 2017 Kansas City Public Schools District Teacher of the Year
  • Terrific Teammate Award
  • Literacy Leader in 2016
  • ELA Content Leader in 2016
  • Robotics Team Co-Coach
  • Leadership and Instructional Planning Team member

Teacher Certification Program

Why I Teach

It feels my reason for being a teacher is always evolving, which I'm grateful for. Originally it was because I saw education as the major means of escaping poverty and helping families to make better lives for themselves. I wanted people to know how to achieve the dream they have for themselves and for them to have the education to so. However, this is the thinking I had right when I was taking the steps to become a teacher. My reason for teaching now has evolved over the past five years. I still teach with my original purpose, but much more has been added. I've learned to question the ways in which the educational system itself is the barrier to many student's education.

I've come to see the role of a teacher more clearly in what is and isn't taught and said in our communities. I see being a teacher as a responsibility and a blessing. I became a teacher in order to increase the equitable opportunities of all people. That includes helping give knowledge and perspective that empowers and emboldens voices with truth. 

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