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Independence School District

Hear from Taylor Burkett about teaching students about the growth mindset and power of "yet."

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Meet Taylor Burkett

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We encourage kids to think about how they can make things better. When they find something difficult, we like for them to think outside of the box and to ask themselves, ‘How can I work through this and solve this problem?’ One day, a student brought me a 3D apple she designed. She gave me something you see every day, but she used her imagination to create it herself.


  • 5th Grade Teacher



    Teacher Certification Program

    Why I Teach

    I decided to become a teacher because I want to help children set and accomplish their goals. I believe each child has a dream of what they want their future to look like, and I want to be the one to support them along the way to fulfilling that dream!

    As a teacher, you learn about each student and their personal, social and academic strengths and weaknesses. You have the ability and the opportunity to support them in each area. Separating your personal feelings for each student from their situation can be difficult at times, and you have to understand you are doing everything you can to support them. Know that your best is enough.

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    About ISD

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      The Independence School District (ISD) is one of the fastest-growing school districts in the Kansas City area. One of the reasons parents want to move into our community is our focus on college and career readiness with the Academies of the ISD.

      We are one of only 19 school districts in the nation chosen by Ford Next Generation Learning to implement the Academy model, which guides students toward success in their chosen career field. Teachers work with more than 140 top area businesses to ensure their teaching matches what the workplace demands. The ISD allows every high school student the opportunity to choose their Academy, earn dual credit, an Industry Recognized Credential and an Associate’s Degree.

      We offer more than 90 courses for college credit with 400 college credit hours available. Our high school students are starting and running businesses, flipping houses and teaching classroom lessons. The Missouri Chamber of Commerce named the Academies of the ISD the 2017 Education Innovator of the Year. The award is given to one educational institution or program demonstrating forward-thinking strategies to better prepare students for their futures.

      We also have incredible parent and community support. Voters passed an operational levy increase to allow the ISD to hire 45 additional teachers to lower class sizes. Voters also recently passed a bond by nearly 85 percent to build a new elementary school and advance the Academy model by adding and enhancing classrooms for STEM, culinary, vocational and business coursework.

      The ISD is also proud to have one of the largest Early Education programs in the state of Missouri, serving nearly 900 children under five years old in more than 60 classrooms. The ISD puts a strong emphasis on early education, understanding the critical importance of engaging early learners for a lifetime of successful education. The ISD recently received the Early Childhood Education Program of the Year Award presented by the Missouri School Board Association.

    • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

      The Independence School District (ISD) is proud to offer excellent benefits to our employees, including health insurance, use of our free, state-of-the-art fitness center with aerobics classes, an employee health clinic and use of our aquatic center.

      Our teacher salaries are very competitive, with regular opportunities for professional development, raises and advancement. The Independence School District Board of Education is committed to ongoing professional development and was recently recognized with the Governance Team Award from the Missouri School Board Association. The award honors outstanding commitment to ongoing professional development in areas such as student achievement, school law and finance, board operations and contemporary issues in education. The award also recognizes their commitment to regional and statewide leadership, and to active participation in legislative advocacy for public schools and the students they serve.

      See the recent television news coverage, ISD 150th Anniversary Year in Review, to learn more about the great things happening in the Independence School District.

    • Job Opportunities

      If you’re interested in working for Independence School District, check out our job postings at the link below or email human_resources@isdschools.org.

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