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Hogan Preparatory Academy

Hear from Genee Johnson about how the tight-knit community and smaller classes at Hogan allow her get to know students and families—and better help them succeed.

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Meet Genee Johnson

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I teach at Hogan because of the location. It’s a charter school within the school district I attended and graduated from, and it’s the district I live in now. I think it’s important that my students see me daily outside of work, at the same grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants they are in. I also love the small size of Hogan. We have three schools in our district and about 300 students at the middle school where I work. I love my class sizes of about 20. Smaller classes help me build strong relationships with my students and give more personalized attention to differentiation.


  • 8th Grade English Language Arts Teacher


  • Western Governors University


  • Pedagogy Award from Western Governors University
  • 2017-2018 English Content Team Lead at Hogan Prepatory Academy middle school

Teacher Certification Program

    Why I Teach

    I became a teacher because I believe education is vital to our urban youth. Outside of my family members, the most impactful adults in my life were a few of my teachers.  I also wanted the opportunity to serve the community where I grew up by being an example of a successful adult. I think it’s important that African American children experience role models who look like them and who have very similar upbringings as they do. I am also passionate about modeling how effective culturally relevant pedagogical practices can be for urban students. Lastly, in teaching I use my gifts and talents every day, building personal relationships with youth—I've been mentoring since high school—being very organized, and being passionate about learning, in particular reading and writing creatively. The joy of walking through growth processes with others is what motivates me day in and day out to continue to teach.

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