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Guadalupe Centers Charter School

Hear from Luis Posada about the importance of cultural representation in teaching and his school.

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Meet Luis Posada

Teacher Ambassador

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The scarf represents the color of our school, but also of a culture, a passion for something and a background. It brings back those roots that were once in a different location. Now they’re here in Kansas City, and they’re here to stay.


  • Algebra and Advanced Math Teacher



  • Math​ ​PLC​ ​lead

Teacher Certification Program

    Why I Teach

    Mainly, my decision to become a teacher was shaped by my two passions: the calling for serving the underserved and my love for mathematics. My favorite part of teaching is when a student who historically underperforms in mathematics starts to experience success in my classroom—when that same student finally loses the phobia in mathematics. My advice to future teachers is to ask for support. You are not alone in this journey. There are always helping hands if you are willing to ask.

    By the Numbers

    • 1,200

      Dedicated Students

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      Schools in District

    About Guadalupe Centers

    • About

      Guadalupe Centers is an urban school in the Kansas City Metro area. We believe our students are the first priority ensuring cultural and academic success. 
       We take a whole -child approach by addressing students’ and family’s needs and providing wrap-around Health and Social Services through the Guadalupe Centers and other agencies. 

      Our school counseling program, BIST, works with students at their development level to promote the mental health and well being of all students by facilitating their academic, career, and personal social developments. In addition Guadalupe Centers education is a trauma-sensitive organization where safety, choice, collaboration, trustworthiness and empowerment are emphasized. We believe all students have the right to learn and teach in an environment which is emotionally and physically safe. Our goal is to teach students to be responsible in their choices and become effective problem solvers.

      We take pride in delivering a high-quality education to all students and establishing a culture of community where high expectations come with high supports and strong teacher-student relationships is key to success.  

      We believe that there is a power in continuity. And we must practice what we teach. In other words, teachers must feel safe and supported in order to be successful, therefore passing it forward to their students. 

      Administrators aim to inspire educators to explore their art of teaching by providing various resources in a supportive environment. We know there is no one way to learn, therefore there is no one way to teach. 

      Administrators are encouraging and provide advice to help you be more affective in the classroom. 

      Each day our students use the honorable Mayan greeting. Lak’ech that conveys unity and oneness. Students learn this moral code and how we affect one another.
      Thus, educators must be unified in their mission to make a difference and an impact on the student, community and future.

    • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

      Guadalupe Centers Charter Schools offers a wide range of benefits programs for its employees. In addition to receiving an equitable salary and having an equal opportunity for professional development and advancement, you may be eligible to enjoy other benefits that will enhance your job satisfaction.

      Staff Benefits includes: 
      Medical Insurance
      Group Life Insurance
      Short and Long Term Disability Insurance
      Voluntary Dental and Vision
      Voluntary Life
      Kansas City School Retirement System

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