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Hear from Felisha Harper about following her dream and finding her purpose at Crossroads Academy.

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This was given to me right before I moved away from home to Kansas City to teach in an urban school district. Everyone thought I was absolutely crazy. It reminds me of why I started, where I am and where I can go.


  • 7th Grade English Language Arts Teacher


  • Drury University


    Teacher Certification Program

      Why I Teach

      I never considered myself to be a brilliant person. I feel like I was always a hard worker and I wanted to do something powerful with my life. As I looked around at all my friends and admired how easy school came to them, I always wondered how I would keep up. I wasn’t that great in science, and definitely not in math. I could however, read and write fairly well. Close to graduating high school, I reflected on my educational journey and the skills that helped me grow into the successful academic student I became. Upon that reflection, I realized it was my ability to read, write and speak well. Even though I didn’t always feel like the brightest student in the room, my English skills helped me carry my weight. I wondered how many students coming up felt the same way I did, but didn’t necessarily have someone to stress that reading isn’t just a course in junior and high school, but a life skill. At that moment I knew I wanted to equip young people with the greatest tool they needed to succeed. I told myself that becoming an English teacher was not an option, but mandatory.

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