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Brookside Charter School

Hear from Shampayne Mitchell about the moment she sees light bulbs in the minds of her students.

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Meet Shampayne Mitchell

Teacher Ambassador

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My favorite part about teaching is when I notice the light bulb glowing in the minds of my students. When a student has difficulty understanding something, and then finally cross the finish line with understanding, I feel so proud and eager to continue giving my students my best.


  • 5th Grade Math Teacher



      Teacher Certification Program

        Why I Teach

        I wanted to ensure that every student I encounter goes forward knowing they are loved and valued. More importantly, the students will know that they are able to accomplish anything they put their minds to.

        By the Numbers

        • 615

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        About Brookside

        • About

          At Brookside Charter School, we teach and nurture the whole child, focusing on rigorous academics and the incorporation of leadership skills, to prepare our students for success beyond our doors. Our motto is, “Enter to Learn. Exit to Lead.” Our students embody scholarship and leadership on a daily basis. As a Leader in Me™ School, we implement the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" to ensure students feel empowered in their daily lives, become critical thinkers and commit to making the school environment conducive to learning. 

          Brookside Charter School is a tuition-free public charter school serving Pre-K through 8th grade students within the KCPS boundaries. Brookside Charter focuses on addressing underserved areas of the Kansas City Public Schools district, where needs are the greatest. 

          Brookside Charter is a caring community, one that is conducive to growth for both students and faculty. Currently we serve 615 students, and we’d like to build our enrollment over the next five years to serve 800 students. Because of well-trained and -supported faculty members, we are poised to continue preparing our students for success in high school and beyond!

        • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

          Brookside Charter School offers a comprehensive compensation package including a competitive base salary, benefits and opportunities for additional pay associated with additional school involvement. The average salary of first-year teachers at Brookside Charter is $39,000.