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Belton School District

Hear from Joseph Kang about keeping a connection with his students, even after they've left his classroom.

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Meet Joseph Kang

Teacher Ambassador

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Over the years, I have collected student notes that have really inspired me. I hope that, eventually, those students and I can actually look at these together, talk about their growth—how much they've changed—and all the great things that they're doing, because they're the ones who make me great.


  • 9th Grade Science Teacher


  • Fontbonne University


  • 2017 Teacher of the Year candidate
  • HOSA Co-Sponsor

Teacher Certification Program

    Why I Teach

    I decided to become a teacher because of its profound impact on a small scale to a large scale. Teachers work with students, guide them in their passions, and address their mental, academic and social needs. When students become college- and career-ready, they make individual choices and advocate for their beliefs. Ultimately, students become an active, productive citizen in our society. Teachers are responsible for imparting their knowledge to help students be successful in all avenues of life around the world. In the words of theoretical physicist, Paul Dirac, and my former honors science teacher, “Pick a flower on Earth and you move the farthest star.”

    By the Numbers

    • 5,000

      Dedicated Students

    • 350


    • 10

      Schools in District

    About Belton School District

    • About

      The mission of the Belton School District, as a proud reflection of our community, is to inspire and empower all students to reach individual potential by providing learning experiences that challenge and engage within a safe, supportive environment designed to prepare students to thrive and excel.

      We believe...

      • Every person is unique and has inherent worth.
      • Every person has the ability to learn and power to achieve.
      • Expectations affect outcomes.
      • Positive reinforcement is vital to developing self-esteem.
      • Supportive relationships are essential to success.
      • Learning is unique to the individual and requires engagement and application.
      • Every person has the ability to affect others.
      • Every person is responsible for his/her actions.
      • Every person has the right to feel safe.
      • Diversity enriches life.
      • Knowledge is fundamental to personal freedom and a free-thinking society.
    • Teaching In Belton School District

      Become a Part of Pirate Nation: Faculty & Staff


    • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

      The Belton School District offers a competitive benefits package to employees, including board-paid health insurance, life insurance, long-term disability, liability coverage, sick/personal leave and more. The Belton School District maintains a competitive salary with other large districts in neighboring counties. 

      A bachelor’s degree guarantees starting teachers a salary of $38,204, with scheduled raises by completing additional coursework. The district is very proud of the high number of educators with advanced degrees. The district also offers an award-winning Health and Wellness program, featuring on-site fitness facilities and a variety of classes at the community recreation center. In addition, regular challenges and group activities are offered to promote healthy faculty lifestyles.

    • Job Opportunities

      If you’re interested in working for Belton School District, check out our job postings at the link below or email lcummings@bsd124.org.

    • For Students

      The Belton School District is working within the Ford Next Generation Learning (Ford NGL) framework to transform Belton High School. The Framework is comprised of three distinct, but interconnected strands, which enable the community to design and carry out the plan. The Ford NGL framework outlines a process which involves all community stakeholders.

      Ford NGL Strands: Transforming Teaching and Learning, the Secondary School Experience, Business and Civic Engagement 

      Career and interest-themed academies serve as the model for transforming the secondary school experience. The academies provide a foundation for the mastery of academics, 21st century technical knowledge, and skills to prepare students for high interest, high skill, and high wage employment. Additionally, the high expectations and academic rigor of college preparatory academic programs are infused with real-world relevance and rigor of Career Technical Education.

      Students choose a Career Pathway within an Academy that uses the power of workplace relevance and business relationships to excite young people about their education.  An example would be The Human Services Academy includes these Pathways:

      • PreK-12 Education
      • Health Services
      • Public Services

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