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A Career Choice That Makes Us Proud
We get it: You want your child to be happy, comfortable and compensated fairly for the work they do. A teaching career affords that and more.
We get it: You want your child to be happy, comfortable and compensated fairly for the work they do. A teaching career affords that and more.

Parents, guardians and families:

You've taken the first step in helping your child evaluate the teaching career. Congratulations!

It's a good step to take: A job as a teacher affords a comfortable lifestyle, competitive compensation and guaranteed career impact.

9 out of 10 teachers are satisfied in their jobs. - National Center for Education Statistics, 2016

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Teachers Love their Jobs

To be a teacher is to be a problem solver, a poet, an inventor, a creator, an explorer and much, much more. It’s no wonder teachers have better work stories.

Cost of Living + Teacher Compensation = Great Lifestyle

Kansas City cost of living

In Kansas City, in addition to competitive teacher compensation, the cost of living is lower than the national average. Plus, projects like educator project grants give teachers a reason to stay engaged, improve their skills, and get the chance to show off a little bit.

Kansas City cost of living

Teachers Receive Generous Benefits

The benefits teachers get on top of salary are part of their total compensation, and they tend to get a better benefits package than many other jobs. In particular, teachers get compensated with: 

  • Generous retirement plans.
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance. 
  • Vacation time: spring break, summer, Thanksgiving and winter breaks, plus an additional 10 days each year!

Perks to Brag About

On top of standard benefits, many school districts in Kansas City offer teachers bonus perks, stipends and incentives.

According to Current Teachers

Options for Funding Teacher Certification

If you’re concerned about how to pay for—or support your child in paying for—teacher training, rest assured that you have options. There are many opportunities to reduce or eliminate teacher training expenses.

These can include:

  • Scholarships and financial aid.
  • Loan forgiveness programs.
  • Alternative certification options that allow your kid to earn a salary while they train to become a teacher.

Teaching Opens Doors

Educator career paths

A teacher's journey doesn’t necessarily end in front of a classroom. Becoming a teacher means stepping into varied and exciting career paths. There are many career paths educators can consider, from counselor to administrator to principal, to name a few.

Educator career paths

Teaching Means Having an Impressive Impact

Teaching requires a diverse set of skills: leadership, creative problem-solving and stellar communication, to name a few. Not everyone is cut out to be a teacher, but with the right training and encouragement, your child could become a great one. And great teachers change lives.

Teachers are on the front lines addressing the injustices of our education system head-on, awakening curiosities that shift life trajectories, and creating social change.

Help us build the next generation of great teachers. Take the career roadmap quiz together to get started.