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Fund for Teachers transforms educators with…

Career opportunities shaped around the world
May 07, 2018

Fund for Teachers transforms educators with…

Career opportunities shaped around the world
May 07, 2018
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For Teacher Appreciation Week, we recognize amazing teachers, as well as the mentors and programs that support them.

One such program is Fund for Teachers. In Kansas City, the Kauffman Foundation partners with the organization to reinvigorate the passion that originally brought individuals to the teaching profession.

'Experiential learning' applies to teachers, too

Fund for Teachers is a fellowship that grants educators money to bring learnings from around the world back to their students, school and broader community.

Since it began in 2001, the fellowship has awarded $30 million to nearly 8,000 teachers, “catalyzing experiential learning in 141 countries on all continents.” Check out the KCUR broadcast to hear about some of the highlights from teachers in Kansas City.

If you’re considering the profession (and we think you should), this is great news. It means there are opportunities to improve your craft, take your knowledge to the next level, and progress in your career as a teacher.

In other words, it helps you answers the question:

What is it that I can do as a teacher, as an educator, that can reshape the way I’m thinking about my curriculum?

Here are photos of teachers who were surprised with the award in past years. These exemplary educators got to develop skills, knowledge and confidence that impact student achievement every day. Read more about past winners in the Kansas City region by visiting Kauffman’s Fund for Teachers page—and discover why professionalism and leadership are well defined by the program.
Fund for Teacher winner in Kansas City is surprised with award.

Investing in teachers

Because of Fund for Teachers, educators have more of a reason to stay in the profession—it’s for those who don’t see teaching as merely a stepping stone to another career.

Programs like this are extremely important for teachers because they allow us to continue to grow and model lifelong learning.

In Kansas City, individual teachers can receive up to $5,000, and teams may apply for up to $10,000 to put towards their projects abroad.

Bet on yourself

You already know that, as a teacher, you have the most significant impact on the future of our world that someone can have. In terms of altruism, the career is certainly up there.

But teaching is also a great bet for a long-term career.

There are many opportunities—like Fund for Teachers—to grow in this field. Interested in having a mentor? Leading professional development? Traveling in the summer to bring back strong practices? Sky’s the limit.

Take our Roadmap quiz to find out if you’re a good fit for this life.